Fine Art & Graphic Design



After finishing my studies at the Secondary Art School in Moscow I entered the Art Faculty of the Pedagogical University.

I graduated from the Pedagogical University in Moscow and received my Art Teacher High Degree.

Following my graduation I was privileged in developing young minds to develop their cognitive, social, language and motor skills. In turn they taught me to play computer games:)

In 1993 I illustrated the book "Mummy-Troll" by T. Yansson .

I have never stopped painting, my favorite medium being watercolors.

I had passed through the Art Committee and in 1996 I became the member of the International Art Union.

I participated in a lot of exhibitions in Moscow and provided my works for exhibitions in other countries including Spain, USA, Great Britain, Russia, Germany, France and Egypt. My watercolors are in private collections in these countries and many more.

In 1995 I was awarded the title of Laureate of the Art Exhibition organized by Italian company Maimery and Moscow goverment for the oil painting "The Rain".

I like to study, to play computer games and to create something new.

and  completed a course in 3d modeling, simulation  and animation with Autodesk 3D, 2D paint graphics and animation. The programs we used included
Autodesk Animator  and Autodesk Animator Pro.

While still in Russia, I worked on different game projects including: Archipelago, Sea Dogs and  OverDrive, for the companies : AKELLA , NMG and BUKA.

While working on these projects I completed courses in Maya and was certified by Alias/ Wavefront.  


In July 2000 I  was invited by Auran to become a part of Auran's team in the project "Excalibur", so I arrived Australia.

I was in role of 3dArtist  in two Auran's projects -  "Excalibur" and "Trainz".


From 2003  until April of 2010 I was employed with Krome Studios as Senior Artist.  My  role was to design concept art for next generation console games, create logos, UI , model environment , props and characters.

While at Krome, I have been credited for the following titles:


*   Game Room

*   Star Wars The Clone Wars : Republic Heroes 2009

*   Star Wars The Clone Wars : Lightsaber Duels 2008

*   The legend of Spyro:  The Eternal Night 2007

*   Viva Pinata : Party Animals

*    The Legend of Spyro : A New Beggining

*    King Arthur  2004


My professional experience has given me an in-depth knowledge of the different sides of Graphic Design.


Aug 2003 -21April 2010       Krome Studios , Artist , Modeler, Senior Concept/Texture Artist

Jan.2003  - Aug 2003         Company “ Vision Gaming”,  computer graphic artist (full time)

2002                                   Company  “Fuzzyeyes” , project “Ozfighter”  ( by contract)    

2000 – March 2002            Company “AURAN”; project “Excalibur ” & “Trainz” (full time)

                                           3D-modeler, designer, texturing artist, characters designer, 3D Artist, animator

Feb. - Apr. 2000                Company “FF STUDIO” -  3D move  (by honorarium)                              

                                           3D Artist

1999 - 2000                        Develop. company “NMG”; project “Hired Team” (by contract)

                                           3D Artist, texturing artist, characters designer

1998 - 1999                        Company “SKIF” - “BUKA”; project “overdrive” (by contract)

                                           3D-modeler, designer, texturing artist

1996 - 1999                        Company “AKELLA”; project “Sea Dogs” & “Archipelago” (full time)

                                           3D-modeler, designer, texturing artist, animator



2005  December  -      Art Exhibition   “From Russia with Love”  (watercolours)                

                                     Wynnum Art gallery

2002  November  -      Art Exhibition   “Landscape of Brisbane”  (watercolours)                           

                                      Wynnum, Art Gallery   

2002 , 25 of May  -      Bronze Award , Art Competition “Living in Brisbane”  (

                                     watercolour  “The South Bank”)

2002 –                          Red Hill  Gallery  ( water colours)

1994 -                          The laureate of International Exhibition organized by firm

                                     MAIMERY (Italy)

1994 -                          Exhibition in Spain

1993 -                          publications of pictures for illustrated book “Mummy - Troll” T.